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Medical Coverage for Expats Living in Africa

For those who are considering moving to live and work in any part of Africa, the issue of healthcare has to be high on the list of priorities. This vast continent has so many countries and healthcare provision differs wildly depending upon where you are, so it makes sense to put measures into place that will help you and your family if you should need any kind of medical treatment.

Africa Expat Health
The first step is to find the right healthcare policy for you. When you are looking it helps to have experts on hand to advise you and here at Africa Expat Health that is exactly what we are – experts! We will discuss your personal circumstances with you, taking into account your budget, your location, your work and your family requirements and we can match you with a policy that will not let you down when you need it most.

Africa Expat Health deals with the leading international healthcare insurance policy providers so we can be sure that we have access to the right policies for you. This means that right from the start of your policy you have the cover that you need and our team will make sure that all of your requirements are taken care of.

Healthcare in Africa
As already mentioned the standard of healthcare varies a great deal across Africa, so your policy will depend upon where you are living. It may be that you are living in a fairly remote location with access to only minimal healthcare services so your policy will have to have a clause that covers you to be evacuated to a location where you can get the care that you need. Alternatively you could be living in an area that has a quite high standard of healthcare so you would not need that clause.

Africa Expat Health will be able to guide you towards the correct policy for you by helping you to work out just which facilities there are in your area. For example, there are many expats choosing to go to South Africa to live and work. It has a rich culture, beautiful scenery and some vibrant cities. However, the public healthcare system here is under a lot of pressure. It does not have the facilities it requires to meet the needs of the people so the standard of care is much lower than those from Europe and North America would expect. If you are using the public healthcare system you can expect to wait for a long time for treatment as resources are so few.

However, we can reassure you about the private healthcare system in South Africa. The quality of private healthcare is considered to be on a par with those available in Europe and North America. Many people from other countries will travel to South Africa to access the private healthcare facilities, particularly for elective medical treatment. Those who are moving to South Africa are advised to have private healthcare insurance so that they can bypass the public healthcare system and have access to GP appointments as well as hospital care.

It is also worth noting that much of the healthcare in Africa is a cash system. When you have an appointment you are expected to pay there and then for treatment. Some countries are already looking to improve healthcare and access to it. Kenya, for example, a few years ago started a private programme to keep costs of medical care low. By changing the system so that nurses carry out some tasks instead of doctors and only conducting tests when necessary, the cost per person in the country has been dramatically reduced. However, this involves improvements to the basic national healthcare provision, rather than the private healthcare system, which again, is far better than the public system.

This is why it is so important for you to find out as much as possible about the healthcare system in the part of Africa that you are moving to. When you know where it is you are going you need to discover what the facilities are in that part of the world. Will you need to travel for a private hospital? Is the public healthcare system only for citizens of that country? Do you need to pay in advance for any type of medical care? The answers to all of these questions will help you to figure out what type of policy is going to be needed for you. And remember, it may be that you need to have cover for your family too. For some people moving for work, healthcare is part of the benefits package, but how much cover you can enjoy will depend a great deal on your employer. Sometimes it is only basic cover that is provided and you will need to arrange additional cover yourself, particularly if you are taking family members with you.

This is where Africa Expat Health comes in. Our team is on hand to help you to find the right policy for you and explain all the options to you. For a no obligation quote call us today and find out just how we can help you to access the right healthcare and give you peace of mind for your move.